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South Pacific, Giveaway, and Cool Links: The NSAD Weekly Roundup

This weekend I have been fortunate enough to work backstage on the national tour of South Pacific. It isn’t one of my favorite Rogers and Hammerstein musicals, I prefer The Sound of Music, but it has been a lot of fun. And a lot of hard work. Friday morning I worked carpentry for the load in of the show, assembling sets, and unloading trucks beginning at 8am. That went till 5pm when I switched to wardrobe for the show, which went till 10:30pm. I’ve spent the last few days doing costume changes, collecting laundry, and sewing snaps onto bras. I did a lot of theater growing up and it’s great to be involved with a production of this scale. Next up is the national tour of the Wizard of Oz.

Tomorrow will mark our 100th stitch video! So what does that mean? A Giveaway! I’m still pinning down the details with our sponsor Lion Brand, but I can tell you it’s going to be big. So stay tuned tomorrow for a special announcement.

This Week in Stitches


Half Linen Stitch

The beginning of the week started with the Half Linen Stitch. I recently did the Linen Stitch and this video had been requested a while ago. I really like the fabric this pattern makes.


Picking Up and Knitting Stitches

Example of picking up stitches from the center of the stitch

This was another requested tutorial and it’s a really useful technique that will come in handy for a lot of patterns.


Box Stitch

Example of the Box Stitch

This is a very easy pattern, but I’m sure you’ll find lots of uses for it. It’s a great stitch for washcloths because of its texture.


Cell Lace Stitch

Example of the Cell Lace Stitch

This lace pattern I found in one of my stitch dictionaries and thought it was kind of cool looking. The best part is it’s done over four rows, and two of those rows are purled!


Boxed Shell Stitch

Example of the Boxed Shell Stitch

I had been getting a few emails asking if I was going to do crochet patterns again. So here’s a new one. I’ll do my best to keep these coming, but I have a lot of knitting videos to make for an e-course I’m developing. This video gave me a lot of trouble because I ran out of memory before I could finish. I got it figured out though. Hope you like the result.

Pattern Finds

Here are some cool patterns I found on Ravelry this week.

Soap Socks by Olivia Rainsford

Soap Socks by Olivia Rainsford

Peek by Alexandra Tinsley

Peek by Alexandra Tinsley

All Buttoned Up Cowl (UK) by Joanne Scrace

All Buttoned Up Cowl (UK) by Joanne Scrace

Quick Knitted Cabled Cowl by A Crafty House

Quick Knitted Cabled Cowl by A Crafty House

marshmallows by Jill Schneibolk

marshmallows by Jill Schneibolk

Cool Links

Inside Crochet Bloggies 2011

Inside Crochet is accepting nominations for their Bloggies, which highlight their readers favorite craft blogs. It would be super awesome if a bunch of you all went over there and nominated NSAD. The top 5 most nominated blogs will then be voted on for the winner. So show your support and nominate us!

Sugar Shoes

Sugar Shoes

Check out these awesome crocheted heels. They were dipped in sugar water to stiffen them and have stayed that way for years! (via Knit Hacker)


That’s it for this week. Keep on stitching!