NSAD Rewind: How to Crochet the Single Rib Stitch

This stitch was originally posted on March 3, 2012

This video crochet tutorial will help you learn how to crochet the single rib stitch. This technique is a great way to simulate a knitted rib stitch with crochet. It does not have the horizontal stretch of traditional ribbing, but can be used to great effect in hats, blankets, and sweaters.

Skill: Intermediate

Chain – ch
Double Crochet – dc
Double Crochet Round Front – dc/rf (or Front Post Double Crochet – FPdc)
Double Crochet Round Back – dc/rb (or Back Post Double Crochet – BPdc)

Pattern Instructions:

Foundation Row: Multiples of 2 + 2

Row 1: Skip 3 ch, *dc into next st; rep from * to end.

Row 2: Ch 2, turn work, skip next st, *dc/rf, dc/rb; rep from * to last st, dc into turn st.

Repeat Row 2 until you have reached your desired length.

After you fasten off, work piece should look like this:

Example of the Crochet Single Rib Stitch

Example of the Crochet Single Rib Stitch (click for larger)

music in video is from demo 2008 by (Latch\xe9 Swing) / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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