5 Great Brioche Knitting Books!

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  1. 5 Great Brioche Knitting Books!

    In anticipation of our upcoming Brioche Video Workshop we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight some of the best brioche books out there. Now not all of them focus solely on brioche knitting but they do have some great patterns in them we thought you should check out....
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    We had so much fun putting together our favorite knitting books of 2011 we decided to let you in on our top 11 crochet books from 2011 as well! They include everything from seamless crochet patterns, to vintage motifs and a book especially for Jane Austen fans. 2011 gave us some great crochet books, more than we can fit on this list. But here are some of our favorites.
  3. The Top 11 Knitting Books of 2011

    We may be a month into 2012, but that doesn't mean we can't look back at the best of 2011. This list is a compilation of the top 11 (get it 2011..11) knitting books from last year. They include everything from great hat pattern collections, to finishing technique and sock knitting workshops, and a bucket list just for knitters. 2011 gave us some great books, more than we can fit on this list. But here are some of our favorites.
  4. 7 Great Books on Knitting for Men

    Knitting for men is often a challenge. Not only are their garments bigger, but they have different taste in yarns and color. This sometimes translates into men getting knitted gifts that they never wear and leaving knitters discouraged or afraid to knit for their guy.
  5. Top 5 Online Knitting Magazines

    Knitting magazines have been a great resource for patterns, tutorials, and articles about the latest products and trends. With the advent of the internet it was only a matter of time before we saw digital magazines come along.
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Knitting Stitch Dictionaries

    Stitch dictionary's are the foundation of a good knitting library. They allow you to make sampler afghans, add details to simple patterns, or inspire new designs altogether. Most knitwear designers use them as starting points for new garments. They are essential if you want to increase your knitting vocabulary and improve your craft. Having a good set of stitch dictionary's to reference is key to becoming a great knitter.