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6 Toys for Summer Fun: This Week in Stitches

This week in stitches features…

  • 6 Toy Patterns for Summer Fun!
  • The Subscriber of the Week
  • New Stitch Afghan Update
  • and all of this week’s stitches

If you just can’t wait for This Week in Stitches each week, and you want even more fun, interesting links than the few we highlight here, follow @newstitchaday on Twitter or join our Facebook page. It’s painless. Really.

Lacie and I made it to Los Angeles just fine last Sunday and have been working hard to get our new team trained. You’ll want to check out the video update so you can meet the new members of our crew.

We plan on doing some longer interviews over the coming weeks so you can get to know them better.

Welcome to Our New Email Subscribers

We had another awesome two weeks with 396 people coming on board the New Stitch a Day email list! Great job to all of you who are telling your friends about the site on Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry, Knitting Paradise, and at your local yarn stores. Keep up the good work!

I’m still catching up on emails so I apologize if I haven’t gotten back to you yet. I hope to be completely caught up by the end of the week.

I did get some interesting emails from a few people who have been knitting and crocheting for a very long time.

Kathleen D. from OH is Hungarian, but grew up in Germany and was taught to knit by her mother 60 years ago!

Lee S. from WI has been knitting off and on and off for 70 years!!

Jacky D. from NC has more knitted items in her closet than 5 women would need. She loves to knit for charity and has been knitting for 80 years!!!

That’s pretty amazing and I can only hope I get to enjoy my craft for so long.

Show and Tell!

I got a lot of photos from people of their projects so let me share them with you. (Click the images for a larger version)

  • Amber's Garter Stitch scarf

    Amber's Garter Stitch scarf, modeled by her son (1)

  • Amber's Stockinette Scarf

    Amber's Stockinette Scarf, modeled by her twins (1)

  • Linda's Deathflake Scarf

    Linda's Deathflake Scarf (2)

  • Kirby's Twin Leaf Baby Blanket

    Kirby's Twin Leaf Baby Blanket (3)

  • Debbie's Little Shell Blanket

    Debbie's Little Shell Blanket (4)

  • Molly's Church Knitting Group

    Molly's Church Knitting Group (5)

1. Amber sent in a couple of photos of some of her first scarf projects. They include a garter stitch scarf and stockinette scarf which she had some of her very cute kids model for us.

2. Linda sent in a photo of a scarf she’s making with some yarn from our past sponsor, WEBS. She found this Deathflake pattern and had to use it in something and this is what she’s come up with! Pretty cool, but a little morbid…
You can get the Deathflake chart here:

3. Kirby is made this Twin Leaf Baby Blanket. You can get the pattern here:

4. Debbie shared this photo of her Little Shell blanket on our Facebook page. She had requested the Little Shell Stitch as a video and came up with the blanket as a result. Click here to watch the video.

5. Molly sent me this photo of her church knitting group. They use videos from NSAD to create pattern that they use for charity. In this photo they are holding the 14″x14″ baby blankets and 3″x3″ hats that they made using our videos.

Subscriber of the Week

This week’s subscriber of the week is Suzanne B. from MD

She used our mitered square tutorial to make this awesome cotton baby blanket!

Suzanne's Mitered Square Blanket

I was really impressed with her colorwork and creativity with this pattern.

Click here to learn how to knit a mitered square.

If you want to be considered for the subscriber of the week, send some photos of your work to johnny[at]newstitchaday[dot]com or respond to any of our newsletters.

You can also use the hashtag #nsad on Twitter or Instagram to post a photo of your work.

6 Toys for Summer Fun!

click image for pattern

  • Monster Chunks by Rebecca Danger

    Monster Chunks by Rebecca Danger (Free)

  • Octopus by Hansi Singh

    Octopus by Hansi Singh ($6.00)

  • Despicable Minion by Linda Potts

    Despicable Minion by Linda Potts (Free)

  • Red Bird Plush Toy by knitterbees

    Red Bird Plush Toy by knitterbees (Free)

  • Buddy Bear by Lion Brand Yarn

    Buddy Bear by Lion Brand Yarn (Free)

  • Polyhedral Balls by June Gilbank

    Polyhedral Balls by June Gilbank ($6.00)

This Week’s Stitches

How to Knit The Rank and File Stitch
How to Knit the Rank and File stitch

How to Knit the Little Cable Stitch
How to Knit the Little Cable Stitch

How to Knit the Close Check Stitch
How to Knit the Close Check Stitch

How to Knit the Filet Net Stitch
How to Knit the Filet Net Stitch

How to Knit the Fishtail Cable Stitch
How to Knit the Fishtail Cable Stitch

How to Knit the Lacy Diamond Stitch
How to Knit the Lacy Diamond Stitch

How to Knit the Purl Reverse Decrease
Purl Reverse Decrease

I Still Need Your Help!

We got some good feedback about our possible LIVE online classes. But I’m still considering whether or not I should do them.

Here’s what I’m thinking.

The classes would be once a week for 2 hrs on a topic that the community chooses. Now it will have to be a topic we can cover in two hours, or at least get you started, so probably no sweaters. We’ll do one class for knitting and one class for crochet.

They will be limited to 15 people, but we may offer a recording of the class to others. The 15 people who attend the class will be able to show their work over webcam and get immediate feedback, be able to ask questions, and also receive a recording of the class they can reference later.

If enough people are interested we’ll do a presale next week for the first two classes. But I need your feedback.

Your Turn: 1. Do you like the idea of taking a LIVE online class?


2. What do you want to learn most?



  1. LindaStuart

    June 12, 2012

    First, I really like that baby blanket. Second, I want those two guys to actually knit something! :-)

  2. mopgenorth

    June 12, 2012

    Your niece is absolutely adorable! Just wait until you and Lacie have kids of your own. You two are going to have gorgeous kids!

  3. PreemieMommie002

    June 13, 2012

    Your niece is completely adorable :) Welcome to the new crew members! I have to say I LOVE that deathflake scarf. I am so going to have to make one for myself and probably have to figure out how to make a hat to go with it :) Grats to our SotW Suzanne. That blanket is awesome and looks so warm.

    • LindaStuart

      June 13, 2012

       @PreemieMommie002 Thank you. Go to ravelry and search for Deathflake. One lady put it on a pair of mittens and someone else used it on some killer socks. The hat is a good idea too!

      • newstitchaday

        June 13, 2012

         @LindaStuart  @PreemieMommie002 I linked to the chart in the post.

  4. MaryEllenHubbard

    June 13, 2012

    I would dearly love to learn how to knit the blanket with the mitred square stitch.  I can do the stitch <pattern> but I’m not sure how to connect the squares.. 
    So, to answer your question about paid tutorials…that’s the one I would pay to learn.  Hopefully others will feel the same way.
    BTW:  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “accosted” women that are knitting at Starbucks.  I ask if they’ve ever heard about your website and usually I end up writing the address down for them and get them all excited about your New Stitch A Day opportunity!  I know I love getting your emails…I always learn something.
    Thanks from a BIG FAN,
    Mary Ellen Hubbard

    • newstitchaday

      June 13, 2012

       @MaryEllenHubbard I think we can do a tutorial on how to connect mitered squares. There’s probably not enough content to justify a class on that. And thank you for spreading the word about the site! People like you are our best kind of advertising!

      • MaryEllenHubbard

        June 14, 2012

          Thanks for your response!  I will anxiously await your tutorial then!  No rush as I have at least three projects to finish first!