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6 Sock Patterns for Warm Weather Projects: This Week In Stitches

This week in stitches features…

  • 6 Sock Patterns for Warm Weather Projects
  • The Subscriber of the Week
  • LIVE Classes Update
  • and all of this week’s stitches

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We hope you’ve had a great couple of weeks! It’s summer here in sunny Southern California and the weather is amazing. We had a great father’s day spending time with our dad and swimming at my sister’s in-laws. I hope those in the US were able to spend time with or remembering your fathers as well.

Make sure to watch the video of our update for a quick interview with one of our new team members, Robert!

Welcome to Our New Email Subscribers

We had another awesome two weeks with 380 people coming on board the New Stitch a Day email list! Great job to all of you who are telling your friends about the site on Twitter, Facebook, Ravelry, Knitting Paradise, and at your local yarn stores. Keep up the good work!

We’ve had a lot of international viewers join up recently. Some of the countries we’ve gotten emails from are; Scotland, Ireland, England, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Guatamala, Spain, Germany, a lot from Canada and Austrailia. We’ve even received emails from Singapore! So we are truly an international community. There are too many to thank individually but thank you all for supporting NSAD around the world

Your Emails

I got a few emails in the past couple of weeks that I want to share with you:

“Just had to write and thank you.I have been knitting and crocheting for many years. Since I joined a couple of days ago I have learned stitches I didnt know existed. Thanks Johnny”

– Barbara S.

Thank you Barbara! I know when I first started knitting and crocheting I had no idea how much there was to learn. And I’m still learning new things every day. My hope is both beginners and old pros will be able to find something to learn on our site for years to come.

“I am a knitting instructor at my local yarn shop and I constantly tell people about your website. I’ve also recently began including your website address on all of the written documentation I hand out during my classes. You provide such a valuable service to the knitting community and I feel it’s my duty to help spread the word.”

– Charles D.

Charles I am incredibly humbled that you would include a link to our site on your teaching materials. It’s people like you that have helped this site grow and I am incredibly grateful. Thanks so much for spreading the word!

“I have been part of our prayer shawl ministry at church for about 7 years. I started knitting shawls when my wife was going through chemotherapy as a way to pass time while she slept. When I found you on New Stitch a Day, it opened my mind to many other possibilities than than knitting my same old pattern over and ever and over. You are truly a breath of fresh air. Your tutorials make it easier for me to take the stitch you demonstrate and turn it into a prayer shawl.”

– Louis C.

Louis, I am continually impressed by what our community has done with our videos. Ministries like yours do such a great service to the world and we need more like them. Thank you for giving back and sharing with us!

I know many of our viewers knit and crochet for charity and Charles has been kind enough to put up two of his prayer shawl patterns for free. He made them using our Whelk Stitch video!

  • Whelk Stitch Prayer Shawl

  • Double-strand Whelk Stitch Prayer Shawl

Show and Tell!

I got a lot of photos from people of their projects so let me share them with you. (Click the images for a larger version)

  • @missamanti Camera Case (1)

  • Sharon’s Shawl (2)

  • Sharon’s Shawl (2)

  • Rachel P. Baby sets Baseball (3)

  • Rachel P. Baby sets Turtle (3)

  • Diane’s Throw (4)

  • Ranji’s Crochet Outfit (5)

1. @missamanti sent us this photo on Twitter of a camera case she made using the Whelk Stitch video!

2. Sharon made these gorgeous shawls, one of which is the Elizabeth Shawl by Dee O’Keefe.

3. Rachel P crocheted these baby sets. One is a baseball cap and baseball diaper cover. The other is a little turtle shell and hat.

4. Diane made this beautiful throw that her mother is modeling. Thanks Diane’s mom.

5. Ranji made this cute crochet outfit for her grand-niece that she modified from another pattern.

Subscriber of the Week

This week’s subscriber of the week is Jessic Jean.

She sent in a series of photos from a few different projects she has been working on.

The Ten Stitch Twist

The Ten Stitch Blanket

The Entrelac Blanket Crochet Along

I was really enjoy the inventiveness of her work and how she uses it to work through her stash.

If you want to be considered for the subscriber of the week, send some photos of your work to johnny[at]newstitchaday[dot]com or respond to any of our newsletters.

You can also tweet a photo to us on Twitter or with the hashtag #newstitchaday on Instagram.

6 Sock Patterns for Warm Weather Projects

click image for pattern